For the first time, W&C has compiled its benchmark list of some of the most reputable EIFS and Stucco contractors in the country. For decades, W&C has been an advocate for stucco contractors and since its inception, EIFS contractors in North America. For the first time ever, we are happy to present who we believe are some of the best contractors in the U.S.

Walls & Ceilings’ goal was to research and reach out to EIFS and stucco contractors throughout the country to ask them about their companies. So many have great stories to tell and have an impressive business model well in place. Without a doubt, America has a great spread of exterior plastering contractors.

To be clear, for this first endeavor of outlining some of these excellent contractors, we wanted to find those exterior plasterers that mostly focused on the hand-troweled trade. No doubt, there are other companies that provide the installation and service of EIFS/stucco but for this debut we wanted to focus on the companies that pride themselves on being closest to plasterers.

Our search was expansive and represents many companies throughout the United States. We asked many industry professionals for their thoughts and many submitted who they felt exemplified excellence, quality, innovation and more. With the help of W&C staff and its editorial advisory board, we whittled our list down to 25 companies. We are looking forward to seeing how this list will grow annually. Next year, we plan to open the list to those that want to submit their companies via our homepage at

“There are many important EIFS/stucco contractors throughout this country,” says Mike Griffin, national sales director at Demand Products and one of W&C’s editorial advisory board members. “In direct coordination with W&C and its editorial advisory board, we believe this is a very strong reflection of these top contractors.”

The chosen subcontractors have multiple characteristics that qualify them to be among the most outstanding.